Acer Aspire Repair 5920G not charging the battery

Acer Aspire Repair guide for 5920G model.

Aspire Repair

If you have an Acer Aspire 5920 / 5920 G and it works well on AC power, but the battery is not charging at all or you have a full charged battery and the laptop works until the battery is empty, the solution for this problem is very easy.
First of all you will need a Multimeter to check a few points on the motherboard.

This problem it is caused by the battery chargingAcer Repair fuse on motherboard fuse (PL8PF2 marked with number 7) .
Is a white fuse situated behind the battery contacts on the motherboard ( click on the right picture to enlarge)
Before proceeding to a aspire repair, you must check the battery charging volts and you can do this using a multimeter and set it to DC Volts on number 20 .
Check the voltage like in the pictures below. If it is in a range between 14 and 16 volts it means that the battery is charging and the fuse is good. If 0 volts are shown you should Fix the fuse issue.
Repair Laptop Acer Aspire

Now you can proceed to repairing your laptop.
There are two solutions. 1. To bridge the two sides of the fuse (for a short term fix you can simple bridge the connection with solder and copper wire) or 2. To replace the fuse.
This fuse is hard to find as a replace, the only place you can find it is on ebay by buying a faulty acer aspire 5920 motherboard and replace it from there.

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