Acer ASPIRE 6930 repair, Shorted Windbond WPCE775CA0DG chipset

acer aspire 6930 repairAcer ASPIRE 6930 Repair

Repair solution for the 6930, when suddenly power off and can’t power on again.
In this video you have complete disassembly, diagnosis, repair, assembly and test solution for this particular malfunction caused by Windbond WPCE775CA0DG
Chipset.acer aspire 6930 repair

Host interface, base on Intel’s LPC Interface specification
Revision 1.0
PC01 REV 1.0 and ACPI 3.0 compliant
Supports Microsoft® Advanced Power Management (APM)
Specifications Rev 1.2
Share BIOS flash memory5.Support for SPI flash memories
Host-controlled CIR Port
High-accuracy, high-speed ADC
Up to 84 GPIO ports (including keyboard scanning) with a
variety of wake-up events.
16-bit RISC core, with up to 4 Mbytes of external address
space, and running at up to 25 MHZ
128 pin LQFP package

Thanks to Mark ESV

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