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Ceramic Capacitors on motherboards how to check if shorted

How to check the (brown) ceramic capacitors on motherboards. Simple, using a standard Ohm meter in the Resistance mode. Since the biggest problems with caps when they fail is the become either a direct short, or they will never store … Continue reading

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Acer ASPIRE 6930 repair, Shorted Windbond WPCE775CA0DG chipset

Acer ASPIRE 6930 Repair Repair solution for the 6930, when suddenly power off and can’t power on again. In this video you have complete disassembly, diagnosis, repair, assembly and test solution for this particular malfunction caused by Windbond WPCE775CA0DG Chipset. … Continue reading

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Synaptics touchpad software keeps opening popup video

If you downloaded the latest Synaptics driver software (v.15.2.20) for your touchpad from the Synaptics website and not from the notebook manufacturer website, and you are annoyed by the pop-up SynNoButtons video, you can follow this guide to disable this … Continue reading

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Acer Aspire Repair 5920G not charging the battery

Acer Aspire Repair guide for 5920G model. If you have an Acer Aspire 5920 / 5920 G and it works well on AC power, but the battery is not charging at all or you have a full charged battery and … Continue reading

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Toshiba Repair, Satellite L300 / A300 freezing or restarting when AC power plugged in

Toshiba Repair, Satellite A300 / L300 models The problem is very common in this models of notebooks (Toshiba satellite A300 and L300) freezes or restarts on AC power plug in. It works on battery power and charges  when power is … Continue reading

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